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Mission, Vision & Values


The YSMENA Study aims to learn how we can go about developing effective HIV prevention and sexual health promotion resources and interventions that are inclusive for all young individuals, taking into consideration the various determinants of health (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, race, class, violence, religion, culture, language, disability, immigration status, and socio-economic status).


The YSMENA Study is committed to working from an inclusive anti-racist, anti-oppression, and multilingual participatory framework in addressing the issue of HIV risk and sexual behaviour among MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) youth residing in Ontario.



YSMENA works to be honest and responsible for everything that we do. We believe that integrity is important in establishing trust by working ethically, guided by values and principles that we rely on as members of YSMENA to guide our decisions.


YSMENA is committed to promoting a respectful environment for everyone involved. By doing so, we hope to promote safety, feelings of esteem and behaviour that honours all its members.


YSMENA adopts an inclusive and equitable value system that acknowledges the complexity of identities and the disparities in health that stem from systemic inequalities. 

Partnership & Collaboration

YSMENA is a community-based research study that is committed to working with community members throughout all stages of the research process.


YSMENA works to raise awareness of disparities in the MENA community while building strength and resiliences while creating an understanding of the MENA culture across Ontario. 

Social Action

YSMENA strives to create and spread social awareness surrounding sexual health of MENA youth, in its goals toward creating positive social change in our communities.

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