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Community Advisory Committee

The YSMENA Community Advisory Committee works to provide leadership and advice for the YSMENA study by:

  • Identifying priority research questions


  • Facilitating a process where MENA youth (16-29yrs) can form their own subgroup as part of CAG in order to capture their voice and to create more ease in discussions without adults


  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback on the YSMENA project objectives, deliverables, and timelines when required


  • Advising on the design of the YSMENA focus group protocols and questionnaires and develop specific questions when necessary


  • Collaborating with members of the Core Research Team and other teams (e.g. MENA Youth Sexual Health Research Network) when required to meet study needs.

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Our Members


Moe Akel

Mays Alwash.jpg

Mays Alwash

Rasha Salman photo.png

Rasha Salman


Rania Younes

Biography Picture 2.jpeg

Amira Shenouda


Anmar Al-Azzawi


Tina Pahlevan

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