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Mina Irqaba

Research Assistant (2021 - Present)

Mina Irqaba is a 4th year university student studying in honors specialization in nutrition and dietetics. She works at Brescia campus ministry, helping individuals and communities grow and flourish mentally and spiritually. Mina previously volunteered as an educator and teacher assistant, teaching Arabic language to young kids. In addition, she has helped run multiple multicultural events at Brescia university college, advocating for diversity and inclusion. Moreover, Mina holds a deep passion for health and nutrition, she has worked as a research assistant and digital marketer for nutrition websites like LettuceVegOut. Mina is also an Arab author, poet, and activist on social media. She has worked in multiple Arabic newspapers and magazines, such as Iraq newspaper and the Egyptian Times newspaper. In 2021, she published her first book in her mother language, Arabic and is looking to publish more books in the future.

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