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Kerolos Saleib

Kerolos Saleib, an Egyptian born, queer, Coptic, HIV positive, non-binary and drag performer has been advocating for YSMENA group in Toronto since 2014. They are the creator of the RAHA program at the Alliance for South Asian AIDS prevention, a program for Middle Easterners living with, affected by, or at risk of HIV/AIDS. They are also the founder of the popular party for LGBTQIA+ people – Middle Eastern Nights. An event that brings the community together to celebrate their home, culture, and music. Kero is an activist on sexual health education, mental health support and substance use counselling. Having battled homelessness, rejection, racism and dug addiction themselves, they were empowered to be available for a community who is very often put on the back burner when it comes to these challenges. Today Kero works at Action Positive, a French AIDS service organization in Toronto, serving all walks of life in the community, building bridges, and reducing barriers to accessibility and health needs for francophones in Toronto.

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