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Rania Younes

Rania Younes is the National Project Manager for Immigrant Employment Councils of Canada at IEC-BC and has worked with other equity-seeking organizations such as TRIEC and the Canadian Arab Institute. She co-founded a networking and mentoring platform for professionals within the Canadian Arab and Muslim community. The creation of PCAN was motivated by Rania’s personal commitment to helping others, especially women and youth, become the best version of themselves through peer mentoring and building a supportive environment in which they flourish. She has personally mentored many professionals getting started in their new homes and careers.Rania’s commitment is evident in the success of community-led organizations she continues to support. From the Canadian Arab Institute, to WelcomeHomeTOYalla Let’s TalkCanadian Arabic OrchestraSCFTOMEScale Without Borders, the ACCT, and many more that advance the interests of our diverse communities.  

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